Vortex 12-arm Recycler Bong

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Today we have a unique piece that will be sure to turn heads!

The Vortex Recycler Bong is a 22cm tall bong that comes in two colors green & Purple.

It also has a 12-arm recyclers to make for the smoothest of hits all while being able to see the smoke travel threw all the 12-arm's that will be sure to give you quite the smoke-show!

 It is only here for limited time so be sure to get yours today! 


Inside The Package will Include:
-  Vortex 12-arm Recycler Bong
-  Glass Bowl

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Vortex 12-arm Recycler Bong

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 14.4mm

Size/Height: 22cm

Material: Glass

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