UnrealGlass-Cleaner: (Single Bottle)

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Hello Our #UnrealGlass & #UnrealGlassCleaner Family,

Today we Are extremely Excited to introduce our own Bong/glass cleaner to the public, UnrealGlass-Cleaner!

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UnrealGlass Cleaner Is the Ultimate Glass, Metal and Ceramic Cleaner on the Market! Capable of cleaning all of your smoking accessories to excellence! With the extreme cleaning power of Concentrated Citrus/Lemon Extracts and other Environmentally safe components to make it 100% Eco-Friendly while retaining 100% of its Cleaning Power!

Inside The Package will Include:
- x1 Bottles of UnrealGlass Cleaner 

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: UnrealGlass Cleaner 12oz

Fluid oz: 12oz

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