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Unreal 3D Printed Dab-Mats

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Hello our Unreal 3D Printing Family,

Today we are very excited to introduce this simple but necessary accessory for every 420-Friendly Member and one of our first Products to hit the Unreal 3D Printing Production Line, The Unreal 3D Printed Dab Mat!

The Unreal 3D Printed Dab Mats are made of a highly durable material called TPU. This material is extremely flexible and is it's high durability makes it perfect for keeping your piece safe.

It also allows you to sit your piece on almost on any surface without the worries of it being chipped or broken due to its higher then normal density then silicone mats.

Inside The Package will Include:

- x1 Unreal 3D Printed Dab-Mat (Color of your Choice)


Unreal 3D Printed Dab-Mats Comes in a Variety of Colors:

- Sapphire Blue
- Topaz Orange
- Emerald Green
- Ruby Red
- Rose Quartz Pink
- Amethyst Purple

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Unreal 3D Printed Dab-Mat / Unreal 3D Printing

Size:  6'inch Diameter (15cm)

Material: TPU

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