Tall 8-Arm Straight Beaker Bong

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Today we are introducing our newest Unreal Custom Piece, The Tall 8-Arm Straight Beaker Bong.

This piece is LOADED with features, while maintaining a slick Classic Appearance. Starting from the bottom we have a 5mm thick base for maximum sturdiness!

Above the base is the Bird-cage Percolator that creates more bubbling then your average inline or diffuser. Next is the Honeycomb Percolator, and above that is an 8-Arm Percolator which again will give you so much air-flow and bubbling, That you won't even believe your taking a hit! 

Lastly we have Ice-notches to give you the option to make your hits extra cool & smooth.    

Inside The Package will Include:

-  Tall 8-Arm Straight Beaker Bong 
-  Glass Bowl

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Tall 8-Arm Straight Beaker Bong 

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 18.8mm

Size/Height: 19 'inches

Material: Glass

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