Straight Beaker Twin Matrix-Cage Bong

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Today we are introducing our newest Piece, The Straight Beaker Twin Matrix-Cage Bong!

This Incredible Straight Beaker is made with 5mm thick glass, ensuring that this piece will survive the mightiest of falls or knock-overs.

Working our way up from the bottom of the base, you will notice the first of the twin Matrix-cage percolators that allows for maximum air flow and of course bubbling.

The second Matrix-cage percolator is the same as it's twin counter-part which gives you even more air flow, more bubbling and overall a better Performance! 

Lastly at the very top of this Piece we have 3 ice notches to allow ice cubes to be placed inside the piece, giving you the perfect cool hit.  

Get yours Today!


Inside The Package will Include:
-  Straight Beaker Twin Matrix-Cage Bong
-  Glass Bowl

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Straight Beaker Twin Matrix-Cage Bong

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 14.4mm

Size/Height: 37cm 

Material: Glass

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