Small Heady Geo Crystal Dab-Rig

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Hello our #UnrealGlass Family!


Today we have an extremely unique Unreal Piece to add into the collection, It's the,  Small Heady Geo Crystal Dab-Rig!


The "Small Heady Geo Crystal Dab-Rig"  may be small but it is truly Mighty but still Stunning from every Angle you look at it. 

Starting at the bottom of this piece we have a 3mm base that perfectly balances it and ensures it will never tip-over and above the base we have a inline Percolator for maximum air-flow.

Next we have the custom Base that holds 3 Beautiful Colored Crystals that truly makes this whole piece stand out.

Lastly we have the custom Mouth piece which comes away from the base to give you some distances between you and your next Perfect hit.        

This Beautiful piece is truly a work of art. 


Inside The Package will Include:

-   Small Heady Geo Crystal Dab-Rig

-  inverted Quartz-Banger

-   Custom Carb-cap

Product piece technical specifications::

Name/Brand: Small Heady Geo Crystal Dab-Rig

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size:  14.4mm

Size/Height: 4.5'inches

Material: Glass

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