Rick & Morty Straight Beaker Bong

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We are back it again with the Rick & Morty Collection!

Today we have a Rick & Morty Straight Beaker Bong, Starting at the bottom we have a a basic Downstem, following our way up you will see some amazing Rick & Morty Decals! 

In the middle of this piece we have a Showerhead Percolator to ensure you get the smoothest hit possible!

Get yours Today!

Inside The Package will Include:

- Rick & Morty Straight Beaker Bong

- Glass bowl

- Glass Downstem

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Rick & Morty Straight Beaker Bong

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 14.4mm 

Dimension: 9.4'inches

Material: Glass

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