Portable E-Nail with Titanium Nail

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    Looking for the Perfect Portable Enail? Then look no further! This E-nail has everything you'll need for transporting it in seconds, and dabbing in just a Few minutes! 

    Inside The Package will Include:
    - x1 electric nail heating box with digital PID temperature controller
    - x1 150mm long heater coil with fireproof sheath(20mm/16mm inner diameter)
    - x1 180mm long power cable for electric nail
    - x2 Silicone Dab Container
    - x1 Ti/Quartz nail
    - x1 Titanium Carb Cap
    - x1 carrying Case 
    - x1 Instruction booklet

    Product piece technical specifications: 

    Name/Brand: Portable E-nail with Quartz/Titanium Nail

    Dimensions: Wire length120mm Heating section: 2.2x4.2mm 120v/200w

    Material: Metal Case

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