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OSRS 3D-Printed: Ironman BTW

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All 3D-Printed Products are shipped every Monday at 3pm EST.

I am very happy to introduce our third 3D-Printed Product into the OSRS Line, The Ironman BTW! The Ironman BTW stands at 4-inches tall and 1 inche wide.

Please keep in mind that all 3D-Printed Products are "NOT" perfect. Some may have very small imperfections caused by the 3D-printer but we will never sell a product that doesn't meet our personal standards & pass our Quality control. 

Inside The Package will Include:

- x1 3D-Printed Ironman BTW

*Product piece technical specifications*  

Material: PLA

Weight: 25g

Print-time: 5 Hours

Height:  6' Inches

Width: 1' Inches

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