New Custom Matrix Recycler Dab-Rig

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Hello our #UnrealGlass Family!


Today we are bringing you our New Custom Matrix Recycler Dab-Rig!


Starting at the bottom of this New Custom Piece, We have an extremely sturdy 5mm base to always make sure your piece never tips or cracks.

Moving our way up from the base we have a Beautiful Designed Matrix percolator that connects into a custom Recycler for truly the smoothest hits and to ensure you never get any water back-splash!

Lastly, we have amazing customized engraved glass ridges around the Recycler and by the mouth piece to really make the piece stand out and look Truly Unreal. 

Get yours Today in Either Ocean-Blue or Hemp-Green!


Inside The Package will Include:

-  New Custom Matrix Recycler Dab-Rig

-  Glass dome & nail

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: New Custom Matrix Recycler Dab-Rig

Joint Type: Male

Joint Size: 18.8mm

Size/Height: 13'inches

Material: Glass

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