Straight beaker double tree-Perc Bong

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Today we are bringing you our Straight beaker double tree-arm percolator Bong that comes in two different colors, Ocean Blue & Green.

The colors are only on the double tree-arm percolators, allowing the rest of the piece to remain clear so it allows you to see every hit you take, while forming an aesthetic eye-pleasing delight.  

Each Piece comes with a deep bowl that is perfect for any size hit. The mid-section houses a double tree-arm percolator that grantees you the smoothest hit every-time.

Inside The Package will Include:
-  Straight tube double tree percolator Bong
-  Glass bowl

Product piece technical specifications:

Name/Brand: Straight tube double tree percolator Bong

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size:  14mm

Size/Height: 36cm

Material:  Glass

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