Double-Grenade Inspired Bong

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We have an extra Special Piece to introduce into the Unreal Custom Collection,

The Double-Grenade Inspired Bong is made from EXTREMELY thick glass to insure your Piece never Breaks from a simple knock-over.

 the Piece also features Beautiful Customized mouth-piece & stand to really stand out and  has a Birdcage-Percolator at the bottom of the piece.

Moving up to the Double-Grenade Inspired Percolators that will give you a blast of the smoothest hit!


Inside The Package will Include:
-  Double-Grenade Inspired Bong 
-  Glass Bowl

Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Double-Grenade Inspired Bong 

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 14.4mm

Size/Height: 38cm

Material: Glass

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