Starter weed-leaf Dab-Rig

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This amazing custom Starter Dab-rig is Perfect for anyone looking to get into Dabbing! That also looks amazing and has great functionality to top it off!
Get your Starter Dab-rig today and begin your journey into the world of Concentrates & dab culture!
This Piece has the following Features,
- Showerhead percolator
- Quartz banger
- Weed leaf decal
- colored trim

Inside The Package will Include:
- Starter weed-leaf Dab-Rig
- Quartz Banger

Product piece technical specifications:

Name/Brand: Starter weed-leaf Dab-Rig

Joint Type: Male

Joint Size: 14.4mm

Size/Height:  22cm

Material: Glass/Quartz

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