About Us

A Little About Unreal Glass & Our Journey,

Our Journey Began a few months Ago when The Legalization of Cannabis got Approved by bill C-45. We take Great pride in our Products by bringing you the best Quality Glass & Accessories, Along with the best customer Service & Prices. Have a Special Request? Feel free to send us a Message to let us know what we’re missing!


We At UnrealGlass take a great amount of Pride in bringing Quality Products at Affordable prices. Looking to find the perfect Dab-rig Or Bong of your Dreams & not have to pay an Arm and a leg just get it? Looking for something Specific that we don't have in stock? Feel free to contact us and Let us know what we are missing & we will always do our best to make sure our Customers/YOU are always happy and satisfied with your Purchases.


Update 2018/08/08

We At UnrealGlass Have made great efforts into finding a Manufacturer that can fit all of our Customers needs and now we finally have. Have you ever wanted a One of a Kind Piece that no one Else has? We are going to start Releasing EXTREMELY High-end Products for our customers that have more of an Acquired Taste to higher end Units that relate much closer too "Art" Rather then just a Bong.

Stay Updated with our Weekly Newsletter to see these new Pieces of art & all Future Products and Discounts!   


Update 2019/02/08

Hello Our UnrealGlass Family!

Sorry That it's been awhile Since we have last updated but there have been some big changes and some even bigger ones going to be happening in 2019!

Since we Last updated this page we have gave our Website a COMPLETE makeover to make Products easier to find, Adding New Products Daily and adding Store Credits, a Wish-list, New Customer Account interface and so much more! We at UnrealGlass are Extremely proud to be able to provide Our customers with High-Quality glass without the High-end price tag.


Update 2019/04/30

First off, a Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us and a huge welcome to all of our newest UnrealGlass Members!

To start we have Finally finished the Prototype phase of the "UnrealGlass Cleaner" and are in the producing stage.

We Will be releasing a Product-Line of UnrealGlass Cleaner Products so be sure to stay tuned by hitting the like & follow button on our social media pages and to stay up to date with our latest deals, giveaways, Products and so much more! 😉

Lastly we plan on launching UnrealGlass Cleaner on June 1st as our Official Launch Date/Founding Date.

Thank you all again for the support and for choosing to be apart of the UnrealGlass & now the UnrealGlass Cleaner Family!  

Update - 2/16/2021:

Hello our #UnrealGlass Family! It has been a while since our last update. We had to shutdown for almost a year due to the Pandemic/Covid-19. It truly put our business through situations & issues that we never thought we would have to face and almost lost UnrealGlass. Thankfully we managed to pull through and have finally RE-OPENED and we couldn't be more thankful or more full of joy then we are right now! A very big thank you to all of the UnrealGlass Customers for their support and for all of the new UnrealGlass-Customers for becoming part of the family and by supporting us by choosing to shop with us! 

Currently we have to drop-ship/ship 95% of our Products directly from our Manufacturers so we can even stay open. Otherwise we would "Not" be able to fulfill any of our amazing Customers orders due to seriously bad shipping times (2-3 months per order). We have found by shipping directly from our Product-providers, we can cut back shipping time to low as 7 business days to the highest of 45 days total and reduce the pricing.

Also because of the Pandemic/Covid-19, the price of Glass has nearly DOUBLED for myself and other local & online Smokeshops like UnrealGlass. We will be building inventory over the next 4-9 months so we can go back to how things were and get our shipping time back to 3 to 10 business days tops! 

Any Orders Being Dropped-shipped or shipped directly from our Manufacturer/Product-provider can take anywhere from 15-45 Business-days due to the Pandemic/high demand and delayed deliveries from Delivery-Carries.


- The UnrealGlass Team

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