Triple-Perc Quacker Bong

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This three Tyre-Perc Piece is perfect for your Collection. It's not big or clunky and has a Triple-Percolator system that will cool your smoke and give you the perfect hit every-time. 
Each unit comes with a deep glass bowl. Having this piece means you can pack in more dry herb for heftier hits and longer sessions! This is the ideal bong for sharing at parties or just having a Party of your own. It also comes with a Duck carb-cap as a bonus!
Inside The Package will Include:
- Random Bowl x1
- Duck Capper x1
- Three Tyre-Perc Custom Bong

 Product piece technical specifications: 

Name/Brand: Triple-Perc Quacker Bong

Joint Type:  Male

Joint Size: 14.4mm

Size/Height: 32cm

Material: Glass

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