UnrealGlass will be Paused until further Notice.

Hello our UnrealGlass Family,

It brings me great sadness to have to shutdown UnrealGlass for the next 1-3 months but we will be posting Updates in the upcoming weeks. All orders that have been purchased and not received will be refunded within 30 days from todays date: 2020-03-21

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope to be back up and running as soon as It's safe for us to start shipping Again.

Stay safe, Practice safe social Distancing, do not go to any public gatherings, Wash your Hands Regularly and try not to touch your face. It's up to us to make sure we follow these guidelines to help protect ourselves and others around us.

-The UnrealGlass Team

Welcome to the Most Unreal Online one-stop SmokeShop!

We At UnrealGlass take a great amount of Pride in bringing Quality Products at Affordable prices. Looking to find the perfect Dab-rig Or Bong of your Dreams & not have to pay an Arm & a leg just get it? Looking for something Specfic that we don't have in stock? Feel free to contact us and Let us know what we are missing & we will always do our best to make sure our Customers/YOU are always happy and satisfied with your Purchases.

Are you looking for something Unique that everyone in the neighborhood doesn't have?  Want something you can truly say is one of a kind and Unreal? Then check out our UnrealGlass Custom Pieces! Please note that some of these products are hand blown and exact replicas Cannot be reordered.

Search our Store for the most unrealglass

The Newest & Most Unreal Glass Cleaner to hit the Market!

UnrealGlass Cleaner Is the Ultimate Glass, Metal and Ceramic Cleaner on the Market! Capable of cleaning all of your smoking accessories to excellence! With the extreme cleaning power of Concentrated Citrus/Lemon Extracts and other Enviromentally safe compontents to make it 100% Eco-Friendly while retaining 100% of its Cleaning Power!

Featured Product of the Week!

Unreal Featured Products - we will be showcasing a wide variety of our Products from New Releases, Flash-sales, Sponsored products from other companies, Free-shipping products, and much more Unreal Products to be seen & featured! 

Check out our newly Designed "Mix & Match" Smoke & Toke Rings. 

Made by, Unreal 3D Printing


Great quality, low price, friendly service. Three things I expect when dealing with a business, and UnrealGlass provides them excellently!


Amazing prices and lots of unique pieces to choose from! Always a pleasure dealing with UnrealGlass

Isaiah P

Everything is unreal. haha the name says it all "unreal glass"

Josh W

Good company, ships with care, knows their products, excellent quality. Pleased with my pieces from this company will order more.


i recommend anyone looking to get into glass wear should look this man up! he is very good at what he does !

Josh B

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